Monday, August 25, 2008

Wave Collapse and the Quantum Self

So as I mentioned I was reading Goswami's book about Quantum creativity, which is hard to keep up with because I keep finding myself trailing off trying to make sense of some of the philosophical and quantum mechanical aspects of his theory and references, and I found it interesting that my mind keeps revisiting the subject of wave collapse. After reading Dana Zohar's book The Quantum Self several years ago, my basic understanding of it is that in terms of identity that the "quantum self" is the point of convergence in which many of the multiple aspects of our identites converge/collapse into a single definitive and "aligned" identity that correlates with our sense of our "authentic selves" [which could be alternatively be described by Gary Zukav's book The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice].

Anyhow, in correlating this concept with Goswami's work, the best understanding that I can derive from his explanation of wave collapse in relation to Bohr's foundational principles of quantum energy and the theories of "discontinity" is that the so called point of collapse is in fact [or let's go with in theory], where observation converges with the point that we define as a discontinuous leap. But how can we prove that such leaps are discontinuous when according to Newton's laws energy can neither be created nor destroyed? It would seem that at some point, whether we observe it our not that energy is either expelled TOWARD a new context or FROM some point of reference as the known context of what we are observing shifts in significance within our perceptive consciousness. [I would seriously have to over simplify how latency works at a later date in order to elaborate into detail what I am talking about].

I guess the question that still kind of resides in my mind is, when we are talking about uncertainty and correspondence principals, is there an actual "wave collapse" or does it merely appear that way due to our subjective point of reference and limited perception and observance?

We are talking quite a bit about diversity at school here in terms of ethnicity and religious and interfaith principles as well. I am aware that there are vast correlations that occur between physics and many of the eastern theologies [and even, if you wanted to take it there, the very basics of gnosticism and judaism] in terms of light energy and connection and those energetic principles. It kind of leaves me feeling a bit of unnerved to discuss with other people, my own beliefs because I know that a lot of people aren't thinking from the mindset of talking about consciousness and my own personal experience is quite unique as to how I awakened to it... and I haven't had the opportunity to really discharge on it yet, because I haven't really found anyone to discuss it with that would understand what I went through or could help me develop a better understanding of how to grasp how to use this information.

So I've actually done quite a bit of work on my own, seeking out literature and online resources to get a better understanding of it all and how to apply it, but it creates a barrier I think when it comes to being able to discuss it with other people, because if people are unfamiliar with it, it creates this whole other confusion, or disinterest, so I just leave it alone and work on it alone, [which has its purpose, I suppose, but can become a very alienating pattern and I know could be enriched if I could find a network of indivduals who come from a similar background and can help me in terms of direction and guidance toward this "spiritual" journey. Yeah, so if there are any quantum mystics out there, or people who have a thorough understanding of how to steer people toward discovering and revealing various aspects of their consciousness, I'd love to hear from you.

One thing that I'm still having difficulty being able to discern is how the convergence of the "quantum self" connects us with "one consciousness" aside from being composed of the characteristics and classification as we would classify subects in species and phyllums and such, which I could see as making us alike, but not necessarily the same. I'll definitely add more about this kind of stuff as I progress. I am actually looking for a free moment and the courage to relate my own experience with quantum mysticism, reform judaism, and my own "awakening" process, but it actually involves a lot of components to it that resulted in my being hospitalized and diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder because I didn't have anyone there to better explain to me what was going on. I'm sure that there are other people out there who have encountered similar experiences, who may or may not be able to articulate it better than I can. If so I'd love to hear from you. I've been looking for support groups and mentors to discuss this kind of thing for over 3 years, so if you're out there or can refer me to someone, please feel free to shoot me an email.


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