Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inner Healing through Extra Curricular Activities

So I'm looking to restore a little bit of balance within my life as I embark back upon the next phase of my life. While I plan on dedicating over 24 hours per week to my studies in addition to my classes, I've decided that if I develop a schedule for some extra curriculars that are in attunement with the forces with which I want to connect, I can eliminate distraction and get the spiritual rejuvenation and creative outlet to keep my mind focused and disciplined to really do a good job in school. I decided that if I am going to have enough balance in the classical areas of my life in addition to my work/studies then I should pick one thing from each area; earth, wind, fire, water, and for the sake of good ole Captain Planet I added heart as well. I'll explain this in a moment. These are the extra curriculars that I will be looking to pursue over the next few years:

Afrikan Yoga

What is Afrikan yoga? To find out check out this site:

It is sooooo important to stay grounded and physically active. Plus there's nothing that keeps you more centered and connected to your roots than to take the time to build physical strength and healing and mental calmness that comes from doing a little bit of yoga. My ancestors practiced it, so this will be a wonderful way to reconnect.

Afro-Latin Percussion Ensemble
I'm always aware of when I go to black lib events how powerful it is to have Afro-percussionists present. A lot of the time the duty falls upon the same people and I wish that I were proficient to lend a hand because it really adds and enriches the experience to have people there who are attuned to the sacred rhythms. Now that I have the opportunity to tap into that I'm ready to take full advantage and participate, since I seem to not have that same depth of excitement about my acoustic guitar.

The E^3 sustainablility and liberation movements
Of course E^3 is my baby and I am so serious about the movement. Human lib is very important to me, but I find that in order to sustain people and cultures and preserve the best parts of ourselves that we must also take the earth into consideration, and what we put in it/ or take from it [not to mention what we put into our bodies]. Unfortunately that means that there is going to be an economic cost as well and without some sort of balance in helping more people to achieve prosperity and abundance, there will be much dissonance in this world surrounding the issue of money. I'm not a big fan of the existing economic systems, so I'm wondering what kind of John Nash based economic philosophies will emerge that take into consideration the best interest of those involved.

Kirigami & Mandalas

I love kirigami and have yet to do kirigami. It started one Holiday season when I saw these kirigami Christmas trees at my favorite art gallery over on Fairlie Poplar street on exhibition. The gallery is amazing because you would never know that all of the pieces featured are created by people with disabilities. Anyway, I've wanted to learn it ever since I discovered its realm for endless potential and I can't wait to spend a couple times a month working on intricate projects.

Mandalas have been quite dear to me ever since "the breakdown of 05" when I had a hallucination from one of medications I was put on and I didn't know what it was. It kind of freaked me out and I was reintroduced to them a year and a half later. Of course I was mesmerized to know that my mystical psychotropic experience had some sort of greater significance, and I have started my very primitive geometrical representations of these things, but I would love to learn more about the intricacy and develop the precision that it would take to create more inspired pieces of this art.

Myself, MyFamily, and My Future

"Heart "

I will be spending quite a bit of time focusing upon inner healing as well as strengthening the bonds that I have with family members who have taken an interest in being connected with me. Since they are few and far between, my "real" family must consist of those kindred spirits who have evolved to kind of recognize and appreciate one another and I look forward to basking in their glow [their luminescence can be spotted from afar] because it isn't easy living in a world that operates so contradictory to the lifestyle you've chosen to readopt and it's nice to have people who are like you to recognize this and provide you with the affirmative and restorative love and support that we all need. I really am going to make more of an effort to accept authentic love in my life and settle for nothing less, from myself or from others.

Kinetic Art

I don't intend on taking this on my first semester, but after I've sort of established a routine and taken a few tech classes ultimately I want to get to the level of proficiency to really start doing some beautiful and crazy kinetic art.  Ever since I saw the movie Fracture I have been in love with rolling ball sculptures and kinetic water fountains and such.  I saw this artist, who neglected to give me his info that does this amazing wire-form work at the Martial Arts Temple over on metropolitan, and would have loved to feature his stuff, but I'm beginning to learn not to rely on other people in that way.  I'm connected to this kind of art and design because it speaks to a part of me and what it is I would like to be doing.  I just haven't taken the time to get there professionally yet, but be looking for me in the next 5 years or so.  This is the hobby to take all other hobbies to school.

Here are some other kinetic art links.  I'll do a post on it really soon.  I promise:


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