Friday, August 29, 2008

Arrggghhh.... ready for a heartattack

So I'm just dropping in between tech and chinese to stop and have a massive coronary or something. seriously, i've already been in classes for 3 days and i want to curl up and have a heart attack. i just have had a lot going on. i spent this morning in my math professor's office hours and the better part of my day renting media devices and downloading software so that i could have audio files to capture what i may not have understood in class as i go over it in my room, or convert the alleged mp3 files from our chinese tutorial into actual mp3 files so that i could spend the day cramming for the next day's lesson by walking around with headphones in mumbling phrases to myself. So if you see me wandering around campus, looking SUPER CONFUSED, STRESSED AND FOCUSED no worries. That's why I have my headphones on. OMFG, I am worn out....

In between I've had meetings with advisors, add forms to drop off, counseling sessions, I've had to defer a few meetings for the weekend and next week, turkish coffee with the camels [which i forced myself to do just so that i could take a half an hour break... Isn't that funny that I've had to force myself to take a break. I've just been going and going. I finally updated my calendar software to calendar hub and that is wonderful for time management [once you get everything set up]. I'm having problems having the reminders sent to my phone... but I think that has more to do with my phone service than the software. My room is a hot mess. It's not that bad. I just need to finish unpacking and clean my desk up a bit. I though it would be cool to stategically position my magazines on my desk, but that's not working out. It just makes things feel cluttered and like I have a lot more to do. So I'll get to that later on tonight.

I still have a lot to do, so I just thought I'd peak in and update those who were wondering how I was doing... Off to tech [the highlight of my day]... Maybe i'll get a post up this weekend.

In retrospect, I think that every really cool thing that I've tackled that I eventually ended up dominating, I started off this way, overwhelmed and ready to cry.... so hopefully this is a sign of things getting much better from here on out instead of vice versa.


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