Saturday, August 23, 2008

Searching for Clarity

Looking for Answers
I question Myself
Wondering, Pondering
Where can I find Help

The questions, the theories
Unclear in my head
Just symbols and icons
and vague things are said

I search through the text of
books and go online
Ask Others to Lead me
or help me to find

some Light on this journey
so that I won't stay [&]
Illuminates Footprints
I leave on the way

Awakening, dreaming
I never can tell
My heart soul and mind speak
Express it so well

I struggle to get things
in depth, Understand
but Beauty I still find
compels me to Stand

up for my Convictions
my Values are rife
with reasons to Hold On
and Cherish my life

Unlocked to the present
Won't always make sense
but fills me with Reverence,
lot's of Fulfillment

Perhaps it is futile
to get What it Means
but if not for the journey
It Still lets me Dream...



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