Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Infamous Veggie Board Presentation

The movement: Veggie Board

Essentially there was some issue over the accessibility of preservative free, fresh veggies in the vegetarian line particularly for vegans, because we were like literally eating beans and rice and salad every day. So I set up a meeting before school started, met with some students and formed an unofficial, [notorious] underground veggie-based organization and used the feedback to sell the most incredible powerpoint i've ever done that was not for a class.... i had one that was close once, but i couldn't get the music coordinated with the presentation because the technology wasn't available yet. [well to people like me]... anyway, so i hooked it up [anyone who is interested in seeing it email me, I may integrate it into a slideshow at a later date.... or...

I seem to be having some sort of coding glitch. sorry it looks so sloppy. i've tried pulling out different components of the code, but it appears that i can't get the vid without the extra thumbnail.

Ohhh.... Technology.....(yes). gotta love it.

I needed to repost this because I lost my flash drive with the original file and I didn't have the embed code for this on my other site. I only wish I could remember which web application I used to upload this. I swapped laptops so the bookmark is gone. Anyway, I hope this is effective.


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