Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Am I my mind?

I was watching the Samskara post from the previous entry. I noticed the part that swamiji spoke about how when our mind is present that I am not present and I think this is a challenge that I face daily. I live in my head most of the time and I've been really working this summer to cultivate my awareness of not just myself, but also what is around me, so that I can notice the opportunity to take something out of the experience and I've found that not thinking sometimes, for me is like a welcome vacation. As a result I, in turn, am fulfilled. When I am not fulfilled, I am thinking about things, pooling information and unhumanly fast rates of research and processing, and cross correlating, etc. No wonder I have a hard time these days just sitting down for a moment and reading through a book. My mind takes over, and my imagination drifts off, and I'm distracted well before I'm under way. ask me how many times i got distracted from this post just writing this one paragraph.

here is one of those distractions now:

i want to learn how to do that so that i can make these:

I'm trying to get myself ready to start building things and working on projects this semester. I'm also a fan of the Creative Scan-and-Draw Color-Changing Pen Design . Hopefully these projects will go well.

I entitled this post here because I know that in order to finish any of these projects I am going to have to strategically find ways to allocate my time to get these things done, but I won't be successful in any of them if I don't figure out a way to focus my mind, and erradicate all of these extraneous passions. Ironically, if I don't fill my mind with these kinds of distractions my mind gets wrapped around trying to understand and make sense of drama. I'm really ready for a drama free year. I've been busting my butt to free myself from it, and I'm so close. I have a month long streak going, and I know that it will take practice, but if what swamiji says is correct that our mind and who we are is separate, that will constitute a philosophical challenge for me. I wonder how we ever even settled on the accepted number that there are 5 senses, when there are so many other ways to sense things, trust me, it's why i can't stop processing things. But if the problem is that I'm processing and just not fully immersed in the moment, like I'd like to be, then perhaps slowing down would be the better option. I think that I'm going to try to map out my time to figure out when it would be best to be actively engaged and when processing could be effective and we'll see. I'll let you know how things turn out. School starts back in a little over a week, so I'll get more chances to practice remaining in a state of peace I'm sure.

On one of my other blog posts when I pasted an article about kundalini and vedic chakras, one of the most interesting thing that i read is that people who operate out of their crown chakra are often stuck in an inactive state, and that is exactly how i've felt for a very long time, locked in my head. now, I find the challenge in actually putting these things into application and following through with things, because as easy as it is for me to conceptualize ideas, I tend to lose interest very quickly. But then again, there are some interests that stick and strengthen, like science and sustainability. Perhaps I just need to set aside some daily time to practice stillness in my daily meditation ritual, so that I can get what I need out of my experiences. I'd be grateful for any tips anyone would like to leave. How do I take myself out of the equation so that I can stop hindering my mind from taking over and inhibiting me from doing what I need to do to become the person that I strive to be?

THIS I am going to have to figure out how to acquire so that I can smuggle it into my dorm room: Portable Electric Heaters Even Better than Central Heat

Portable Flat-Pack Pocket Light Fits Right in your Wallet

See-Through, Light-Transmitting … Concrete?!


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