Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Authentic Leadership

I caught this while working today. After Pandora restricted my access for going over their new 40 hour limit, I decided to opt out and make some youtube playlists for personal development instead. Here is the link for the Power Plays playlist that I use for leadership and management coaching.

I also have another link that I use for my own spiritual and lifestyle coaching. called mindfulness. here is a sample vid from that.

here's another good vid that i watched today. well, actually listened. this is the advantage to working with multiple tabs.

From the works of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from Nithya Dhyan discourse series, Swamiji tells us that without knowing we constantly abuse the inner space. What we take in through our five senses dictates our inner space. If our intake is purified our inner space becomes purified. Our inner space is constantly abused by us through the five senses. The corruption that happens to our inner space is Samskara, engraved memory. Our very body is created from the samskaras (prarabhdha)needed to run our life. The prarabhdha is intelligent enough to run our life and expand our infrastructure. There is no need to add additional samskaras to run our lives. Any samskara hinders fulfillment of our lives. The complete Nithya Dhyaan discourse series may be ordered online at www.anandagalleria.com.

I found the topic of samskaras pretty interesting, particularly as I had no clue what they were. But I did a little bit of digging and came up with this link:

Samskaras and liberation (Kaivalya) in Yoga

Samskaras and liberation (Kaivalya) in Yoga
by Octavian Sarbatoare

Karma (from the Sanskrit root Kri i.e. ‘to accomplish’) signifies in Yoga the action and its accumulations. Karmas are related to Gunas of Prakriti (“nature”), thus being of three kinds, Shukla (“white”), Krishna (“black”) and Ashuklakrishna (“mixed”), the actions will therefore produce fruits/ results according to their own kind. According to Yoga, actions are not lost once the facts themselves were projected in time, but do accumulate. It is on the basis of the property of accumulation of actions that an entire Karma concept is constructed.

Accumulation of actions does produce what it is known as Samskaras a term very often equated with the term Vasanas. Vasanas are seen as a kind of imprints in the mind or mind residues that give to the mind a certain tendency to manifest. This tendency is practically materialised as actions (Karmas). Read more here

I spent this summer working on trying to expel many of my own mental toxins, complaints, negativity, gossip, etc. and it's really brought me a sense of inner peace that I don't want to give up. Now that people are beginning to arrive on campus again, I understand how significant just this short few months of practice has had on who I am as a person and the effect that I leave on the world. A couple of people came back and I was so thrilled to see them that I forgot how engaged in drama I used to be (really as more of a coach or confidant), but it was very difficult for me to be actively engaged and listening to a lot of what I've heard from people over the last few days. I couldn't figure out why when people left and they felt a little bit better why I just felt really sickened by all that I'd ingested. I think watching movies affects me a bit differently giving rise to anxiety and fear a bit more as well. I haven't had any adrenaline in my system since I slowed down a bit, changed my influences and have been managing my health better. I don't know how I'm going to remain mindful during the year, but damn it I'm going to practice.

A couple of times I felt like the way I do when I have an accidental meat ingestion, particularly with pork and I feel all sick and nauseous, and "dirty". Perhaps my practice in mindfulness for such a brief but extended period is producing that same effect, where once it's out of your system for a while and you learn to live without it, being around it just triggers that response. I just need to learn more coping methods for dealing with it in a peaceful manner in the real world. All I really have going for me is the abstention, but I worry that rather than leading my friends and loved ones out of that behavior that I am about to embark upon a lonely road, and I worry that doing so, is not quite the road that I am ready for. Oh well. Bon Voyage!


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