Monday, September 22, 2008

to be conscious


it's more than thought

at least i think

or have been taught

it's more than mind

and atmosphere

connects us all

and draws us near

is it more than divine light

does it make our choices right

how can we know

or do we guess

this enigma

called consciousness

like water's warmth

it permeates

our selves and grows

and resonates

until it fills our hearts and minds

and in that state we often find

a way of growth on higher plains

we struggle to find and obtain

but once we have

we hold on tight

to feel the warmth of inner light

an evolution

now are best

surrendering to consciousness

but are we feeling something there

we could be finding everywhere

and it is more how we respond

when obsolete ideas are gone

and we can finally see the truth

and rediscover inner youth

a rebirth and awakening

we can't explain

but helps us dream

i wonder then how it is that so

many of us don't even know

how to tap into


awareness states

be realigned

i guess we each

must find our path

and pray connection always lasts

and still we must keep on seeking

that higher state and true meaning

that we define here for ourselves

cause we can count on no one else

to drive our hopes

and fuel our dreams

except inspiring

conscious streams

i hope i have opened your mind

we'll talk about it

some other time


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