Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Putting Things Off
It makes me feel
I’ve prolonged the burden
Of getting things done
When all that I want to
Do, is just finish
So I could have time
To sleep or have fun

With functions and Pinyin
And chapters to read
Committed to learning
But still feel the need
For procrastination
And taking a break
And clearing out brain cells
So room I could make

I’d rather be acing
The things I avoid
And my fear of failure
Makes me paranoid
There’s Youtube and Facebook
And movies online
And blogging and texting
But who has the time

If only there were more
Moments in a day
And it didn’t matter
How I work or played
Reality, it seems
Keeps me coming back
And forces attention
And keeps me on track

But still my mind lingers
To words left unsaid
And me-mories, distractions
Dance round in my head
I just need to focus
And manage my day
I wouldn’t be tired
And feeling this way

But then I’m reminded
Of why I am here
I realize it’s nothing
But doubt angst and fear
But ultimately I love
The life that I live
I’ve so much to offer
And so much to give

I just need to focus
And to stay alert
And this poem’s not helping
But how could it hurt?
To stop for a moment
To just take a break
And remember the things here
I do have at stake

But mostly, I want to
Learn this and be done
And so I’ll go back to
Problem number one


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