Wednesday, April 8, 2009



Today I can smell the dark, damp earth.
I can feel it beneath my boots
As I sink into the soggy sod
My poor senses convolute
Expecting bitter cold
And crusty slippery ice
I feel my mother draws me in
As if to cling to me
I smell her dirty breath
It’s warm and carried by the wind
The creases of my mouth
Reveal a hidden smile
I get a far off trance, a gaze
I accept, embrace
Her dark and crusty face
Lost in now ordinary daze
She is mine, I know
She will always be
No matter how big, deep the rift
I spy a tulip, the first wintry offering
We celebrate this growing gift
I wonder how I could
Forget, how I could scorn
The one who fills me,
Gives me worth,
Substance, fills my needs
Has planted all my seeds
I am awed by you


this poem is being reposted to commemorate arbor day 2009.


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