Saturday, April 11, 2009

Optical illusions and 3d chalk drawings

here is a pretty awesome music video I found on youtube.
I am a pretty big fan of sci-fi and anime, and I thought that these guys did an excellent job with this video. It's funny because I was watching Tyra last night and she had these wife-swap participants on. One family was like really superficial and placed a great emphasis on their daughter's vanity by entering her into beauty pageants. The other family was centrally based upon the core fundamentals of feminism and taught their children that the only thing that was important in life was the inner development of the mind. I grew up with conflicting values on both ends of the spectrum and so I can see how poignant this piece is in conveying the difficulty in finding balance and satisfaction in striving to achieve both. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

I always have fun watching this video. I initially saw it on Ellen some months back and thought it was pretty entertaining. Enjoy!


3d chalk drawings said...

Hey Everyone! I love art especially when it seems so real. One of my favorite types of art is sidewalk 3d chalk art. Enjoy

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