Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

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I am getting railroaded in trig right now. I keep fighting, but it is a challenge. Unfortunately, out of both sections I am one of the few people who halfway knows what they are doing. I even got yelled at by a TA in the math lab the other night. He reverted to physics and it got way too advanced for what we were supposed to be doing. I may have gotten a little better, but we'll see tonight as I work on the two assignments I have due tomorrow. The last one was terrible. I logged over 20 hours on that single assignment and went through 8 tutors and TAs. Only one came remotely close to making things makes sense. This is what happens when a teacher is forced to teach out of inadequate literature that they don't like. If they don't know how to supplement [this includes visuals and not just definitions and formulas] the material, it turns into a debaucle. I don't feel as bad because the majority seems to be doing worse than I am, but wow. If anyone can recommend an inexpensive book that can get me straightened out. I would be forever indebted. This is my career we're talking about. I've used many of the web sources, but I need something that breaks down all of the step and components and teaches me how to learn this better than what I've been doing.

in the meantime here is an excellent vid that inspires me to keep fighting through it.


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