Sunday, March 22, 2009

Inspiration to Beat Procrastination

(which is ironically a form of procrastination in itself... that will hopefully inspire some motivation)
i needed some trig inspiration to get myself re-motivated so that i would stop procrastinating. i have been a bit intimidated ever since i realized that i wasn't doing well. this is what i found this morning.

this is why i committed to engineering. i'm really hoping that i can work out an internship or something next summer with this guy... or with McDonough Branaugh, or Make Online Magazine.

although i was thinking that working with the discovery channel wouldn't be a bad idea. maybe i could do some writing for their website or something:

oh here's the site I wanted:

anyhow my time limit is up. But thankfully i have these sites catalogued now so i can check them out later. enjoy!


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