Friday, March 13, 2009

tekgurl's crash....

Facebook Status messages.... (a typical Berea College student) is overwhelmed by life... how to cram everything I have to do and possibly fit in a little of what I want to do in 24 hrs... with sleep? impossible.... :D/.

(BC student) I have an 8am class with a nun, a test at nine, a test at 11, and sleep around 2012

(and yet again) hitting that 24 hour mark.. no sleep... 1st time ever doing such a thing...

I constantly read these kinds of messages on Facebook. Even this week I've been running on fumes and caffeine trying to study for my trig exam. I received news that I'm failing the homework portion despite spending three nights a week in the math lab and getting the aid of a private tutor on Tuesday. I talked to my Professor and TA to let her know how much I've been working on it, pulling up additional resources, getting outside help, etc. but without the formation of a good study group or a textbook that doesn't send the best math minds collapsing into the fetal position, there really isn't that much I know left to do. It all boils down to a question of time. Even with my super intense time management skills, I still can't seem to find enough time to get everything done in a day.

My labor schedule has to fit within the 9-5 block, and with the ridiculous amount of classes that I'm taking, [double the requirement] I've found that sacrificing more than the necessary amount of sleep to function during the week seems to be the option that I chose. The customary 6 hours a week that I spent doing math last semester has increased to at least 9 and this does not include the amount of time writing for my hard ass writing seminar professor or studying vocabulary, drills and characters for Chinese. I keep pushing myself to get the work done, but it doesn't always get done. Even now I need to be reading an article and writing an annotated bibliography, but I needed to purge this overwhelming feeling of apprehension for a moment get back to work. I'm listening to the new Chinese dialog we're supposed to perform today and undoing the curls in my hair to have a glorious fro to keep my head warm [why is it still snowing in March]. I'm also trying to stave off this cold. I've decided Herbal tea is a great aroma to wake up to.

Anyhow, they did a mental health surveyat the school and determined that more than half of the students here were either well over the healthy level of distress or simply depressed. I've been to busy fighting to get up to speed to allow myself to break down, but I definitely feel the tension to break down from time to time, the later things get in the evening. Even now I'm always amazed to look online and see who still managed to stay up all night. I'm too old to get away with that these days.

I did explain to my trig professor how much time I was spending and that I was eventually getting the concepts it just was taking me much more time to fully comprehend them. She understood, so hopefully this means that there will be a wicked curve. She did mention the word when she gave the academic integrity disclaimer before our exam. I can only hope....

here is the article that helped me to get through this week... []

as well as a bit of well planned ethical humor

I will comment, for the sake of geek-dom that this is the farthest thing from a cyborg. A robot is a much more appropriate usage of a word, although if you want to use a more gender specific term you could go with gynoid, but that term can be construed as somewhat offensive. But it's how I found the image in the upper right hand side. People who know the right terminology can communicate better images... or so I allege.


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