Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking 2 Minutes

I am always surprised at the extraordinary amounts of work that I am able to accomplish each week, in spite of the numerous challenges that continue to arrive. It occurred to me, that someone who aspires to do the amount of work that I want to do, as well as complete the tasks with the level of devotion and intensity that I put forth into these investments is bound to run into challenges on a fairly consistent basis. It appears that the amount of time I spent complaining about these challenges, or lamenting over the fact that I am plagued with these additional burdens could be better spent getting much more work done, or at least improving the quality of my work more effectively. If I do a better job of monitoring the ebbs and flows and stifling the need to constantly complain about everything, perhaps I will find myself much more productive and will be able to alleviate some of the problems or anxiety I create due to anticipation, and disappointments held within my mind. So I’m adopting a non-complaint regimen as one of my wellness goals. If I get overwhelmed I am allowed to give myself 2 minutes of isolation to cry, if need, be. But as this permission and act of surrender seems to curtail any need for me to release any tears, I will limit my anxiety to this period of time, to acknowledge the physical distress that I am feeling when I become overwhelmed and then take a few minutes changing gears [approx 5]. I hope that with this technique I will be able to better motivate myself to complete more tasks, and actively participate in the present so that I can get a better quality of work done. I will also perhaps try this technique @: http://video.about.com/altmedicine/2-Minute-Relaxation-Technique.htm .


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