Friday, May 8, 2009

Quality Procrastination

So I won't even lie. It's the end of the year. I'm stretched way too thin and people keep adding on assignments and commitments that are now going to take me into next school year. I will do them but I have to decompress from time to time just to get keep myself amicable enough to keep doing it. it may be procrastination, but at least its constructive. note to the reader, please note the time of this post. this is when i started writing this. i have yet to do any hw... well technically everything that's due for my classes is finished. i just have some other deadlines encroaching that i need to take care of so i don't get overloaded this weekend. i must admit that lowering the bar to just under-overachieving has reduced my stress and anxiety levels. Sadly I will not be making all A's this semester [a grim reality that these videos will help me accept].

I should probably note that it's in your best interest not to watch the entire playlist in one sitting. Even if you have the time, you should try to do something at least a little bit productive. Believe me you'll thank me later. This guy will explain to you why:

but, let's face it. we are multi-dimensional creatures. sometimes lack of motivation is related to exhaustion and other times we may just need to be properly stirred. This is what I dug up that made me want to get out of bed today.

I would also like to note for those of you who are bummed, angry, or just going through some things, even though they are one of my biggest time wasters, I have found that the Facebook Quizzes serve as excellent self-esteem boosters or distractions when you've had a very awkward, challenging, or frustrating day. Yesterday was frustrating which proved to be distracting so I listened to some guided meditation for my midday nap after classes so I could wake up and get some work done. Something about sleep and a little bit of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) seems to be soothing when I find myself scattered and in need of a little bit of grounding. According to today's round of quizzes I am:

You belong to the Freaks [in the Which 60's subculture would you belong to quiz]. You usually hangout on buses or in caravans of clowns and your friends are Merry Pranksters and the Yippies. Your motto is: Do It! Your heroes are people like Ken Kesey and Abbie Hoffman..

A Scene/Emo Kid [in the What New York City Teenager Stereotype Do You Qualify For? quiz]: Scene kids are simply emo kids who don't want to be associated with emo kids. Who would? Your idea of a perfect day is hanging out in Union Square with your scene friends, having a picnic, doing a lot of cocaine, and taking pictures to document the whole thing. You're internet-famous for no apparent reason, but thank god for the internet every day; as it's where you've met most of your friends. You have more friends on MySpace than you, or anyone for that matter, will ever have in real life. Your biggest fear is that your 200K myspace friends will one day realize that you are actually a fat chick with acne. But, after all the angle-shots and photo editing, no one will ever know........ ...except for all of the people who see you in real life.

An Old Soul [in the "How old a soul are you?" quiz] Life's a rich affair of the senses, where emotions are music and the physical world the orchestra. You play as hard as you work, inhaling the rewards of both in a familiar and appreciative way. You know how to take care of yourself - spritually, mentally and physically, and are not prone to excess except in particular, carefully chosen instances. You appreciate art and music, free to escape in the concepts they birth. Time represents a canvas on which you display your craft, expressing your experience with life in interesting and new ways. You find yourself yearning for the past as a means to escape the hurried and impersonal present, recalling the lifestyle of your earlier times here. You are happy to lead but also know when following is more rewarding, and why. While you can tell the difference between and old soul and a young one, you are still prone to mild impatience when faced with other souls' faults or bad habits. As a result, you sometimes distance yourself and miss out on what otherwise may have been valuable experience. It is those experiences that will draw you back again and again, until you are a very old soul, and ready for the graduation from the school of the physical..

A PLATINUM MOTOWN GENIUS! [in the Do you know the MOTOWN HITS? quiz] Are you really Berry Gordy, Jr? You MUST BE because you know all about the MOTOWN CLASSICS!.

A Professor in Experimental Nuclear Physics [in the "What is your dream job? quiz] which is heartening because i really want to be an asset to the scientific and tech community but with my struggles in trig i was beginning to have doubts... If you don't know what this is, take the quiz again and don't lie this time. Otherwise, your head is always in a math or science textbook. Your theories can beat out Einstein. Keep up your studies and a doctorette degree is coming your way..

I'm Jason Kidd [in the Which active NBA player are you? quiz]. You're maybe old but your basketball IQ washes the entire league over. You're a nifty passer, a good rebounder given your lack of size. You glued the entire Olympic team to get that Gold Medal. 100+ triple doubles and counting, surefire Hall of Famer, Jason Kidd!.

And finally....

that's right a Master Ninja...
You are a Master Ninja. AKA the perfect ninja. Your skills are greater than any other ninja. You use your knowledge and skill with such expertise that you never have to kill anyone. You are a teacher to all other ninjas, a mentor.

I wanted to post this result to my wall, but this is the one quiz that does not have sharing options. I'm not gonna lie. This semester has been rough and I have been a reluctant warrior about it, but from time to time i have gotten pretty lethal. I just try to keep that stuff under wraps because well what can I say, I have to be mindful. If someone else got this I would be in awe and wonder how can any one person be THAT awesome?!!! I don't know either. I just hope these are qualities that will carry me throughout the long haul.


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