Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Running on Fumes

02.18.09 am

Oh boy, I am extremely exhausted. I didn't make it to bed until 3 am. i may need to rethink this whole hair thing. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I wanted to twist it up last night and realized that I was sort of at the point of no return and had to wash it at 1 am or risk spending several hours prying through it after it dreaded up.

you'd think after having such a poor classroom showing yesterday i'd have wanted to be as well rested as possible in order to greet my long day, but in all honest, vanity has gotten the best of me in the lieu of petty conflict, and if I am to appear to be gracious and look fabulous when I do it, a couple of hours of sleep was a concession that I was certainly glad to make.

You'd have probably laughed at me yesterday as I banished myself to the library's research carral for 4 hours literally buried in a mound of homework. i didn't even have time to write my grandmother who'd sent me a bit of mail. i just recorded a thank you on my portable webcam and extended my gratitude to her and went back to drawing icons for my chinese vocabulary words up on the white board so that i could make a mental association with them. yeah, visual kinetic learning methods.

anyhow, here is the course rundown for my day yesterday

mth 125

i struggled with the assignment last week and waited until the last possible moment to hack out the problems and ended up with only having about half of the assignment done. fortunately my TA made the same mistake, so there will be a bit of leniency as we both realized a bit too late that we'd been assigned with approximate 3 hours worth of work and interpretaion. whuh oh. i let him know right away that i was going to probably need extensive help to get caught up with the review, but all in all i am very happy with the class. one of the guys in the class complained that he didn't care for our professor's teaching style, but i love it. i'm female so i love having the cross correlation of definitions, diagrams and real world models used. plus, she audio records every lecture and posts a written transcription of her notes on blackboard. perhaps that's why she can get away with assigning 3 hours worth of assignments. i also enjoy that she has a relatable sense of humor and sucks what could have been any form of anxiety out of the room. the class feels much more supportive and this could be because she is my age, but i feel as if the class takes on more of a study group feel than that of a boring old lecture.

chi 102
would have been great. i'm almost caught up on the dialog and drills, but I came in late because my advisor took forever to converse with me while i was trying to get my add/drop form signed and i never took the time to finish my stroke tracing worksheet that was due. this is also another lesson as to why i shouldnt wait until the last minute to do things. It certainly won't happen again.

i spent the rest of the day at work prewriting an article on Dr Vibert White's Lecture, "The Black Presence in the Middle East: A Contemporary and Historical Analysis" or something like that. Now I just have to wait and see how they hack my story up. some of the quotes were rather long.

On that note I will mention that I did keep the audio from the story of the infamous question and answer session in which Naji, my nemisis thought that this would be a great opportunity to refute the speaker's argument by asserting that there were no structural or institutional disparities that existed in the middle east because the color of skin was not an issue and then proceeded to think, and i'm not sure why he thinks this is okay, use the word "ni-", "the n-word" and then finally just went out and dropped the n-bomb. only in berea can a some jerk get away with something like that and not find themselves in a flaming car cascading into the ohio river or something. this isn't the first time that i've adressed this issue. over the break i expressed concern with one of the faculty members of hearing internationals use the word and the response was adequate, but it just continues to keep happening and i am not only disheartened but also beginning to really understand how generational privilege of not being exposed to this kind of racist behavior has sheltered me from how common it all takes place in this community and beyond.

unfortunately the events that i wished to attend; the gymnastics and dance exhibition, the primitive arts and tech informational meeting, and the social documentary "the rich have their own photographers," had to be curtailed and put off because of my poor classroom performance today... my way of negatively reinforcing the behavior. i did a fair amount of reading and processing instead and i think i'm going to write my health analysis on overcoming adrenaline addiction and stress management for one of my wellness goals.

i did get my physics club flyer done, finally. i missed the meeting over the weekend. here is the final copy. now i must go eat breakfast and catch up on the reading i need to do.

this website is pretty cool. i just thought i'd add it as a resource.

other things of note:

flamenco music

not as good for studying as samba or bossa nova, but still very enjoyable

a bit cheesy, questionably offensive, but entertaining to watch

very helpful and will be noted in the future


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