Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ok, i'm a jerk, i know. i have dropped the ball. here is how i have resolved the issue of updating you. i have a couple of course journals, so i may as well compile the info in summation so that you have some sort of an idea of how i spent my day.


I’m playing around with the idea of doing a process journal… here’s my attempt.

Art 115
I think my prof seemed to be impressed with my un-coached sketching. I did a little bit of the reading and tried to make sure I remembered the usage of vertical and horizontal lines and perspective even though I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what I was doing. He read us a walt Whitman poem and I drew a picture, even though I hadn’t conceptualized it of a negro baseball player holding up a baseball and basking in the sun. I don’t know how the pencil found it, it just sort of emerged from the strokes of my mechanical pencil. For someone with no ability, it was cool to me just that it looked like something. But then I am always that person who has to attach some evocative meaning to my stuff to overcompensate for the deficiencies, so I attached a haiku and wrote a 1 sentence description that read, this piece signifies when the colored man felt as if it were acceptable for once to feel like a boy. I even started the etching of the number 44 on the back of his jersey, but left it as more of a symbolic implication instead. Once I build up my technical ability, perhaps there will be hope for me to expand my artistic media. When I get the chance I’ll grab a shot of the pic and upload it. Oh yeah, there’s an archaeological illustration seminar going on this weekend. I need to make sure I email the lady sponsoring it so that I can get on that list. I already logged it on my calendar.

There Was a Child Went Forth
There was a child went forth every day;
And the first object he look'd upon,
thatobject he became;
And that object became part of him for the day,
or a certain part ofthe day,
or for many years,
or stretching cycles of years.
The early lilacs became part of this child,
And grass,
and white and red morning-glories,
and white and red clover,
and the song of the phoebe-bird,
And the Third-month lambs,
and the sow's pink-faint litter,
and the mare's foal,
and the cow's calf,
And the noisy brood of the barn-yard,
or by the mire of the pond-side,
And the fish suspending themselves so curiously below there--
and the beautiful curious liquid,
And the water-plants with their graceful flat heads--
all became part of him.
The field-sprouts of Fourth-month and Fifth-month
became part of him;
Winter-grain sprouts,
and those of the light-yellow corn,
and the esculent roots of the garden,
And the apple-trees cover'd with blossoms,
and the fruit afterward,
and wood-berries,
and the commonest weeds by the road;
And the old drunkard staggering home from the out-house of the tavern,
whence he had lately risen,
And the school-mistress that pass'd on her way to the school,
And the friendly boys that pass'd--
and the quarrelsome boys,
And the tidy and fresh-cheek'd girls--
and the barefoot negro boy and girl,
And all the changes of city and country,
wherever he went.
His own parents,
He that had father'd him,
and she that had conceiv'd him in her womb,
and birth'd him,
They gave this child more of themselves than that;
They gave him afterward every day--
they became part of him.
The mother at home,
quietly placing the dishes on the supper-table;
The mother with mild words--
clean her cap and gown,
a wholesome odor falling off her person and clothes as she walks by;
The father, strong, self-sufficient, manly,mean, anger'd, unjust;
The blow, the quick loud word, the tight bargain, the
crafty lure,The family usages, the language, the company, the furniture--
the yearning and swelling heart,
Affection that will not be gainsay'd--
the sense of what is real--
the thought if, after all, it should prove unreal,
The doubts of day-time and the doubts of night-time--
the curious whether and how,
Whether that which appears so is so,
or is it all flashes and specks?
Men and women crowding fast in the streets--
if they are not flashes and specks, what are they?
The streets themselves,
and the fa├žades of houses,
and goods in the windows,
Vehicles, teams, the heavy-plank'd wharves--
the huge crossing at the ferries,
The village on the highland, seen from afar at sunset--
the river between,Shadows, aureola and mist,
the light falling on roofs and gables of white or brown, three miles off,
The schooner near by, sleepily dropping down the tide--
the little boat slack-tow'd astern,
The hurrying tumbling waves,quick-broken crests, slapping,
The strata of color'd clouds, the long bar of maroon-tint, away
solitary by itself--
the spread of purity it lies motionless in,
The horizon's edge,
the flying sea-crow,
the fragrance of salt marsh and shore mud;
These became part of that child who went forth every day,
and who now goes,
and will always go forth every day.
-Walt Whitman

Chi 102
Is still a beast but at least I didn’t make an ass out of myself like I did last Wednesday. I’m definitely going to have to try some alternative approaches. Today I did a little vocab review on the white board drawing pics of the words and that seemed to help me get a sense of immersion and imagery. I still need to get caught up on the drills though.

PEH 100
I got the assessment done at 7-something this morning. I’m surprised because I envision myself to be healthier overall than I thought. That’s awesome. We didn’t have any tornadoes this time to distract us, and we’re going to have daily quizzes, so that should be exciting. I’m a bit perturbed that we already have a writing assignment, but I’m sure I can find something innovative to add coming from my cultural background and a holistic approach.

GSTR 210
So the first day of class was intimidating. I’m not sure what to expect, but hopefully once we delve into the coursework the class will prove to be much more engaging. I worry that I’ve gotten in over my head. I read the course description beforehand but the truth is; I do not know much about the professor or his expectations. Once I find a way to get over the shock of being scolded for popping my arthritic knuckles I will readjust my level of receptivity to figure out which skills can best be taken from this course in order to improve my writing. I’ve been dreading the idea of writing a formal paper for quite some time. It must have something to do with those daunting annotations and citations. But I have many ideas and little tolerance for wasting class time, so perhaps this experience will prove much more fruitful than my prior GSTR experience in which my professor didn’t even grant the courtesy of regularly showing up.
I suppose it wouldn’t kill me to develop some interpersonal skills. I’m going into engineering. I assume that I will eventually have to encounter clients and peers with similar communication styles that clash with how I learn. My goal is to adjust and emerge this semester having grown a bit more patient and wise. Perhaps I just need to grow thicker skin. I’m sure that I can learn more gracious ways to endure. I can either choose to be overwhelmed by my fear or I can choose to make the most of this experience. Thank goodness my friends here are nurturing and engaging so I won’t feel as if I have to be the old cranky lady in the back of the room. In all honesty, I think this may very well be the first class that I’ve ever taken that I’ve been terrified to engage in for fear of being critiqued. Even now I’m feeling unnervingly anxious as my joints lock up.

I attended a couple of events this evening and it gave me a moment to reflect upon my chaotic day. It gave me a moment to assess how my attitude is making me less receptive than I need to be in order to transform this experience into one that I can maximize and learn from. Instead of letting my pride and fear inhibit my ability to connect with the goals of the course, I should stop being unreasonable, even if my apprehension might seem legitimate at this time. I’m actually a bit excited because I came up with a theme for my term paper during the lecture I attended on the black presence in the Middle East. One of my peers made it a point to insult and refute the speaker. He even went so far as to drop the n-word without any consideration of how inappropriate and insensitive his comments were.

It was then that I wondered if perhaps I was being arrogant in assuming that just because I had been fortunate to have the privilege of being properly trained in etiquette and the development of interpersonal skills that there were many who don’t have that luxury or experience. Whether brought about by disparities in class or cultural dynamics, perhaps it was wrong of me to expect that others would be respectful toward me as if I am entitled to be treated with common courtesy. There are many cultures with which I must learn to interact, particularly if end up getting to travel abroad. Perhaps it is the curse of my own generational privilege to simply assume.

Other notes…. Scheduling has been a beast. I keep adding things, perhaps cause it’s Monday and I am in the black on most days, yet I still find ways to procrastinate. Why haven’t I done my math. I’ve been avoiding it ever since I realized that I don’t know what the hell I am doing. Yeesh, I should get to bed so that I can get up wicked early and try to get caught up. Although with my track record lately, that could be a losing battle. Better safe than less than safe and still sorry I suppose. Sleep is but a distant memory.

This seriously felt like my day today. Although the thing that distresses me more than snotty professors and mysterious gag orders is the fact that a week has passed and I have not done my math homework. I’m going to have to pull an overhaul on the alarms to get up early enough to do it. Here’s incentive, no homework: no primitive art and tech club. I hope real egg Tuesday turns out to be more rewarding than back to the grind Monday.

big things that need to happen: math and chinese hw, write article on black presence in the middle east, email physic club about planetarium show, read art & wellness as well as 100+ pages of history of appalachia, primitive survival and tech club.... no wonder i've been sacrificing food and sleep. maybe not food, but i need to definitely watch that so that it doesn't catch up with me. ugh


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