Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So they have this company out that does artwork based upon your dna, fingerprint and lip portraits. I played around with the image generator and came up with that print, but I think they were saying it was just a demo. If they were't so ridiculously expensive I'd have one made into a tee shirt or something. The art work is exquisite, at least I think the DNA ones are. But who knows if its even an accurate representation of what our code even looks like. You have to give them credit thought. It's an ingenious way to make money.

They have some other stuff out there if you google dna art. I just was a fan in particular of this one.


Chit Chat said...

Thats kinda weird but neat, on a tshirt would be cool ;)

Many more image generators @ (online tools to make free graphics with your typed text, digital photos or your webcam).

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