Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Cleantech?

When people ask me what I'm going to be going to school for and I tell them "Clean Tech Engineering" a lot of people often give me really dumbfounded looks and ask me what it is. I actually discovered the field by accident, in a moment of grace and serendipity, I happened to stumble upon the greatest and most significant discovery of my whole entire life. I had been on the MAPP assessment and taken numerous aptitude [both iq and career] tests and I couldn't quite find a field that I was interested in that appealed to both my inquisitve nature, my need to do something of conscientious relevance and desire to make enough money to be financially secure. I had developed quite an aversion toward going into a field that dealt with a lot of math, because I didn't really learn the fundamentals of it like I should have in school [thank you state of Georgia, ranked 49th in the nation]. But I knew that if I could work out the kinks in my miseducated development that I would do alright, so I decided to at least consider some of the more mechanical fields, because I love all things scientific and most things technological... I don't know, I supposed its just how my mind works, but with that quantum spark of creativity that takes hold of an idea or a burning question and mulls it over and can reconceptualize it in my mind in order to make sense of it. It just gets to me. The emergence of the Wachowski Brothers didn't help, as I stumbled down the rabbit hole of schizophrenic quantum mysticism. The experience was so profound and surreal it actually kind of freaked me out to the point where I wouldn't even read any science or philosophy books for a while, but now that I have been able to detach from it and find the practical applications and how they can become integrated into my pseudo-holistic lifestyle, it just feels like the perfect place for me to be in, and I am thrilled to be making that kind of investment in and with my life.

I'm surprised that clean tech is still thought of as an emerging field. True it hasn't really been indoctrinated into the mainstream, but it's getting there. I would have thought that more people would have been informed about it by now. I certainly would have liked to believe that there would have been more interest before now into the development of resources and technology that serves to the greatest benefit within our lives and the environments of other people. But oh well... More advantage for me I suppose...

So, Why did I choose clean tech? Well for one thing, I'm sick of worrying about money. Besides, what better opportunity is there for an enterprising socio-eco activist when the world is in such a state of turmoil right now. Freakin America is finally getting slapped in the face with it's first "real world" experience now as they are finding out that there are consequences that occur when you let idiots make your decisions for you. The sad thing is that most Americans still just don't have a clue and it could be years after democratic capitalism has declined before they ever get one. They've become so desensitized to mass media and political manipulation that they couldn't recognize a "dupe" if it punched them in the freaking gut. That is until that metaphorical center becomes their wallets. And then they still don't get it but like a prodigal teenager they run around looking for scapegoats to point the finger at, to blame most of the time in the name of some ideology or miseducated perception of something that they don't even have a concept of. It just makes me wonder, when are Americans going to grow up?

Then you have those who are forced to face the grueling realities at the expense of everyone else who are either too burdened by the shackles of humiliating oppression that they can't get out of the rut because they're too busy just trying to make sense of things, or you have those who have realized their capacity to see things for what the really are who either turn a blind eye because they don't want to accept the burden or they do and somehow doubt their ability to actually take the risk to stand up for themselves.

Take it from a bleeding heart liberal who has never owned a tv [although I have watched plenty of other people's] until you learn to think for yourselves your going to constantly play into the oppressive patterns and diminishing behaviors that inhibit your ability to think and grow in the manner that will enable you to make any sort of significant progression in this world. But, then again, most people are content toward working to maintain the status quo of a system designed for obsoletion from the get go. Democracy isn't what it was back in the late 1700s because it includes so many other kinds of people. One would think that Americans would be using a time such as this to redefine and reclaim their voices and make some decisions about how this country should be run and what our expectations are to help it be able to evolve with the changing needs of our time. Instead they'd prefer to slave away filling the lining of some privileged guys' pockets and compete among each other to strip away the dignity and respect that those of us who work for a living readily deserve (but aren't getting).

But people would rather sit with their thumb up their ass rather than step up and do anything. And they'd rather keep their heads in the sands than do the painful work that is necessary of acknowleging that there is a problem and doing the grueling work of learning how to conscientiously correct it. Unfortunately without the proper support and guidance, this awakening can at times appear to be frighteneing because it is so unfamiliar with what we are used to that many often shun the path that will lead to their own growth and development. Rather take the enlightened road, they instead demonize the very attributes that it takes to get there. Those who are Disciplined become labeled as militant, and those who relish independence are perceived as dangerous, evil and corrupt. Sadly most of the time, these allegations are usually thrown out by some of some of the biggest civil liberties abusers in existence who are notorious for oppressing others with their ideologies and their propoganda. The problem intensifies when we buy into that crap and we internalize it and inflict that same bs upon each other.

Suddenly skeptics are labeled as atheists, or Godless heathens rather than courageous individuals who dared to logically think for themselves and question ideologies that are inconsistent or ideas that do not make sense. Feminists became labled as harlots, or spinsters and become the subject of paranoia and ridicule. The working woman blamed for destroying the American role rather than her subjugation explored through many of the double standards and miseducation about the significance and capacity of her ability to fill the roles that are important to her. Those who defy the oppression of heterosexism and dare to get authentically and genuinely close and develop sincere and significant bonds with other men and women are treated with indignity and targeted by homophobia or marginalized into believing that their need to be accepted and loved aren't natural or that they are weak for exploring other avenues and relationships outside of the institution of marriage. Environmentalists and vegetarians labled as flighty tree huggers as opposed to individuals who experience true reverence and joy in their life for other people and other things. It appears to be that way, that is until the blood oil turned our corn into just another form of currency and the starving nations gave out their strength for want of consideration, approval and sustenance.

Why wouldn't I choose clean tech? For me it is just another path along the path of the proven, of the necessary and of hope. It is a chance for me to let my ideas come to life, and to build opportunities that tower above the lessons learned and the bridges burned...

Plus I like building and running my own sh*t. It brings me fulfillment and when I know that I am constructing things that are improving any aspect of another person's world, I get true joy out of that...

I do it out of REVERENCE and JOY... and can honestly say that I wouldn't want to do anything else with my life.


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