Thursday, July 2, 2009

... more powerful than a locamotive

i'm soooo going to use the principles of electromagnets to build cool stuff. i just don't know what yet. but it will totally be worth it. schweet.

i think it would be cool to build a scooter with electro magnets. we have segways here that move wicked fast, but if i can get some rudimentary demos maybe we can start building some bigger stuff. now, it appears that i'm going to have to do some research on youtube. you know what else would be cool, is if someone started an archival project that provided digital copies of every book that lists an isbn number. that would be a great library of congress internship. they could probably get peer to peer help cataloging if they just uploaded a list and gave people credit for uploading... why is this necessary? because say what you want about copyrights and pirating, but i am of the opinion that ignorance should always cost more than knowledge... but you know, what do i know. i just run on imagination.


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