Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Blues

After two botched elections
I can’t bear to watch
I just hope for the best
And move forward
I just hope that the people
who are voting
will remember
Exactly what we’re moving toward

A historic election
Though they may often find
They don’t care much for the choice
But the choice, it does matter
And they should choose wisely
When they exercise their voice

Popularity doesn’t matter
lives are at stake
It's the fate of the world
can't you see
I just hope they remember
When they fill out their ballots
use prudence
And vote responsibly

I have already voted
Now the rest is contingent
Upon what other people decide
In the meantime I’m hiding
Scared of what they’re deciding
And I pray that they pick the best side

Inside I could explode
Watch my future implode
Based on who other people select
I just hope they’ve all learned
From the bridges we’ve burned
And they’re mindful of who they elect

Will tomorrow be sunny
Or will I take of running
Off to new lands
I’d have to explore
Or will they do us proud
Etch history in the clouds
And proclaim that our future’s restored.

I know that I must admit
That it show’s little faith
In the democratic process
I just hope for the best
And I pray that we’re blessed
And we’re all met with future success


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