Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book Money

Welcome to my New Site: I am trying to get ready for school and since I make close to minimum wage I am putting this preliminary post up to try and collect donations for money for books and any other preliminary expenses that will be coming up. While this site is currently under construction, [hopefully the official launch date will tentatively be July 12th] I would like to use this time to extend appreciation toward those who have helped me along and to put out there that I would appreciate any further assistance, be it financial, or personal, guidance, support and so forth that I can. I also would welcome gifts of the electronic nature [particularly a Wii Sport, a digital camera, digital camcorder, or , voice recorder, PDA, or webcam so that I can keep things organized, fit, and keep you posted in the flyest way possible [consider this my registry]. Also care packages and cards would be recommended. In the meantime, I am working very hard to get myself prepared for the long relocation for Berea, so get your time in with me while you can, because I plan upon being very busy once I leave and have not yet determined whether or not I will be coming back to stay. This would be the perfect time to take up collections, throw themed boyage or congratulations benefits, or whatever you can creatively come up with to help me as I embark upon the next part of my journey into the successful adult world.
Peace, love, and stay connected.


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